MULTIMOTORS has both a stationary and mobile technical service, specializing in warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as authorized service stations throughout Poland, operating with their own technical support teams.

Multimotors provides warranty for offered products in line with the manufacturer’s warranty.
To submit application for warranty repair the customer must download and fill out the form below and then send it to our e-mail.

  • JCB / MAN Engines:

karta-zgloszenia-gwarancyjnego-silnik (EXCEL – editable)

karta-zgloszenia-gwarancyjnego-silnik (PDF)

  • MOTORTECH Equipment:

karta-zgloszenia-gwarancyjnego-osprzet (EXCEL – editable)

karta-zgloszenia-gwarancyjnego-osprzet (PDF)

For service matters, please contact us at:


MULTIMOTORS as a general importer, stocks original spare parts etc. in Poland, and is able to offer goodt availability and pricing.

Our offer includes spare parts and other materials for:

  • JCB engines
  • MAN engines
  • AIXAM vehicles

Purchasig parts can be done either in person at our office as wellas at your local dealer or authorized service station.

Apart from our Central Warehouse and Dealer Network, we provide extensive mail-order sales for both Wholesale and Retail customers. We deliver every ordered item, available from our warehouse, within 24 hours. Regardless of the destination, via courier transport.

We provide help Assistance with spare parts, and for regular customers we are able to offer attractive service agreements and discounts.

All enquiries regarding spare parts, please contact us at:


MULTIMOTORS offers a wide range of specialized tools needed for repair and maintenance of JCB and MAN engines. There are basic tools needed to perform standard repair work, as well as highly specialized tools necessary at all authorized service center.

For any enquiries regarding special tools, please contact us at:


For our customers, we offer trainings in service maintenance of:

  • JCB engines
  • MAN engines
  • MOTORTECH equipment

For any enquiries regarding trainings, please contact the following address: