AIXAM since 1983 a world leader in the underage four wheeled category. AIXAM vehicle driver may be a person not less than 14 years old who have a new driving license castegory – AM (formerly the moped-licence) or persons not less than 16 years old who have a driving license category – B1.

The MINAUTO range (ECO, GT and CROSS), are license-free models with incomparable value for money. Because freedom is not a luxury, the models are simple and accessible, with all the comfort and safety you need to make your trips serene.

AIXAM proposes the first range of 100% electric license-free vehicles, entitled e Aixam. A veritable new form of mobility, the AIXAM electric solution is unique. Electricity: a form of mobility associated with a mode of thinking. This new travel alternative offers numerous advantages: more comfort, quieter, smoother, better driving pleasure and greater environmental protection.

AIXAM PRO develops compact SUVs, with or without a license in response to professional requirements.