Industry Leading Genrator Control Modules

Manual/ Auto Start Control Modules

Product description:

Manual & auto start control modules are designed to provide a range of control, monitoring and protection features for single generating set applications. The range includes modules for use with standard and electronic engines and offers key switch; waterproof key switch, push button start/stop and automatic start control options.

Synchronising and Load Sharing Control Modules

Product description:

Load share modules set new standards in multiple generating set controls. All modules are packed with outstanding control, monitoring and protection features as standard. There are a number of single part and two-part control options available to suit multiple load share applications. DSE load share control systems can synchronise a maximum of 32 generators across a single site.


Auto Mains ( Utility) Failure Control Modules

Product description:

Auto mains (utility) failure control modules monitor incoming mains (utility) supplies and instruct gen-sets to start when mains (utility) power is not available. All modules include a range of intelligent control, monitoring and protection features for standard and electronic engine gen-set applications.


Expansion Modules

Product description:

Expansion module technology provides DSE control modules with additional functionality.  Extensive range of input & output analogue, ratiometric and thermocouple expansion options, PC configuration interfaces and MSC converters and CANbus extenders.


Decicated Transfer Switch Control Modules 

Automatic Transfer Switch Control Modules

Product description:

Automatic transfer switch control modules include advanced switching & control technology for changeover applications.